Fine Art and Instruction by Lisa Underwood

Lisa Underwood ~ Artist & Instructor

I have been creating art my whole life, in one form or another. My work includes illustration, painting and mixed media; extending from realistic to abstract. I also quill with paper and metal. Arcs and circles are especially prevalent in my abstract work, representing motion and unity. My visual voice is ever-changing. I constantly explore how I can relate one medium to another so my varied pieces reflect a unified personal style. My Textile Design background and nature directly influence my art.

Teaching also influences my work. The exchange of ideas is stimulating. And I love helping others get involved in the creative process. Everyone's visual expression is enhanced. The benefits of art making are evident with each participant. (see Group Programs) I offer a variety of classes for people of all ages and all levels.

I'm in my happy place, whether I'm creating art or teaching. Being a maker is always thrilling for me!


I accept individual and commercial commissions in various art forms and always welcome clients' input to ensure collaborative, custom pieces. I strive to get people involved in the process of art making to promote Social Creativity and the benefits of self-expression through visual art.

For more information about my art programs and original work, please contact me.

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