Fine Art and Instruction by Lisa Underwood
Lisa in lab coat
Lisa in lab coat

I am a proud Teaching Artist!

I have been creating art my whole life and I love helping others get involved in the creative process. I offer a variety of classes for people of all ages and all levels. The benefits of art making are evident with each participant. (see Group Programs)

Besides teaching, I create fine art in various forms. I constantly explore how I can relate my imagery from one medium to another, while enhancing my personal style.

My work extends from realistic to abstract. It includes drawings and paintings in several mediums, and mixed media pieces. I also make unique quillings with paper and metal. Arcs and circles are prevalent in my work, representing motion and unity. I am inspired by nature and my Textile Design background.

Much of my work has been commission based. I customize my art to reflect my clients' requests. Their input is important to me. And so is the creative exchange I have with my students. Helping people with their visual expression helps me with mine. My visual voice is ever-changing. Being a maker is always thrilling for me!


I accept individual and commercial commissions in various art forms and always welcome clients' input to ensure collaborative, custom pieces. I strive to get people involved in the process of art making to promote Social Creativity and the benefits of self-expression through visual art.

For more information about my art programs and original work, please contact me.

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