Fine Art and Instruction by Lisa Underwood

Creative WorkPlace Workshops

My group classes and programs are fun, stress-relieving outlets. And the need for these creative diversions seems greater than ever! I am mindful of ever changing safe practices. I can design and facilitate a creative class for your workplace staff or private group. Please contact me at to discuss program options.


Mini Art Break
Short, break time outlets that fit your company’s schedule.

Great Escapes
Draw or paint away your stress and tap into your creative side.

Color Outside the Lines
Think of every day imagery differently to enhance creativity.

Draw your steps of action to help reach positive goals .

Putting the Pieces Together
Promotes team building and ideas from each project member.

Creativity in the Workplace - The Big Picture
Elevate your organization's creativity and growth potential.

Benefits of Creative Workshops

Self-expression ~ Freedom; Self-awareness

Improved mental health ~ Sense of well being

Enhanced resourcefulness ~ Greater ability to overcome challenges

Heightened problem-solving skills ~ Better time management

Increased productivity ~ Greater proceeds and rewards

Appreciation for diverse perspectives ~ Improved morale; relationships; community

Enhanced self-esteem ~ Sense of happiness and worth

Contact me if you are interested in discussing a Creativity Workshop for your workplace.

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