Fine Art and Instruction by Lisa Underwood
  • My work is now at Modern Wave Art Gallery

    I am now represented at Modern Wave Art Gallery (Foundation Studios) in RADA, 27 Foundy St. Lots of awesome artwork by fine artists. Come and check it out!

  • Quillings at Carolina Mountain Artists Guild

    I'm happy to announce that my quillings are now on sale at Carolina Mountain Artists Guild. Come visit and check out all the beautiful artwork. 444 N Main St, Hendersonville.

  • Quilling Demos

    There's more to quilling than paper! Lisa quills with metal too. She demonstrates various coiling techniques at Modern Wave Gallery in the River Arts District and at Carolina Mountain Artists Guild in HVL. Please contact Lisa for demo schedule. You can even give it a try!

  • Making art contributes to wellness!

    Life can be challenging, especially these days! We're moving forward though and doing whatever we can in a safe way. As an art teacher and arts advocate, I'm thrilled to see that people are gravitating to creative outlets more than ever. Art making is a great stress reliever and can help us achieve healthy balance […]

  • Painting with Paper

    A fun Mixed Media class... Create a unique collage using specialty papers, magazine pictures and memorabilia. Capture a favorite experience, a special someone or an interesting image. I provide all the basic art supplies. Just bring a few personal items to make your collage more meaningful to you. You'll walk away with an 8" x […]

  • Images with Words

    Calligrams ~ Visual Poems When I was in third grade, my teacher invited parents to visit our classroom to observe our daily activities. My mother came and sat in the back of the room with other parents. During our cursive writing lesson, my teacher used my practice sheets as examples and complimented my work. I […]

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