Lisa's Notes

Quilling… what’s that?

Around 2008, I was perusing books in the art section at the Morrocroft Library in Charlotte and ran across a book on Quilling. I enjoy working with paper so I checked it out and have been quilling ever since. Quilling is the age old craft of curling and coiling paper. It’s also called Paper Filigree and considered a Paper Graphics art form (especially popular in Eastern Europe). Kings and Queens commissioned artisans to decorate crowns and tea trays with quilled paper embellishments as far back as the late 1700’s. The artisans used bird quills to curl the thin pieces of paper. Now metal tools are used to form the paper strips that are only 1/8″ wide. Once formed into shape, the quilled paper is glued on its edge to a background of choice. It’s quite a delicate process. When I first started quilling, my daughter and I watched YouTube videos. One demonstrator said, “Quilling is not for the impatient artist. It can be pure torture.” Oh, great! But I was up for the challenge and began embellishing wedding invitations and baby announcements (several for a best friend from a very big family). I still do that, but I also create unique designs and quill business logos.