Fine Art and Instruction by Lisa Underwood

Kudos for Lisa...

Having taught at the adult level myself, I found Lisa to be an absolutely prepared and exemplary instructor. She did not waste time. She encouraged and gave individual attention to each student appropriately. She taught different drawing concepts each week and answered questions well. She is well-spoken and professional and I would encourage CPCC to keep her as an instructor in any art capacity. She not only is a good teacher, she is an accomplished artist in her own right and I truly enjoyed my learning experience. I have not taken an adult ed. class in many years and felt the quality of Instruction was an A+.  --- Susan Slade

More comments from CPCC students...

  • 'Lisa was excellent and I loved the course! I learned a new skill and techniques!'
  • 'Lisa far exceeded all my expectations. I am truly amazed at what I have learned!'
  • 'Wonderful experience, excellent knowledgeable teacher, lots of fun learning. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Lisa. She was so positive and encouraging. And I learned so much about art and myself.'

From Queens University Professor...

  • Lisa has shared her enthusiasm and expertise with students in my Creative Connections MBA elective for several summers now. She is able to talk about her own creative process while making them comfortable with exploring their own process. In hands-on experiences, she shows them how to understand their own creative ability and to take risks before they even know what they're doing is risky.

-- Cathy Anderson,
Wireman Professor of Business, McColl School of Business at Queens

Recommendation from Carolinas Rehabilitation...

  • Lisa Underwood has assisted in a variety of Recreational Therapy sessions, primarily her weekly art expressions class. She approaches each task with professionalism and enthusiasm. Lisa demonstrates organizational skills and is an accomplished problem solver... a very motivated and energetic person and will have a positive impact on the people she comes in contact with. She is a joy to work with. It is with utmost confidence and pleasure I recommend Lisa.

--- Erica Campagna

From Staff Development Days...

  • Many thanks Lisa for a fantastic class! Everyone had such a great time creating their artwork. Looking forward to having you back! Thanks again, Bennett Doliner - Clear Vision Media

Lisa, we want to thank you so much for coming to East Bend for Staff Development Day. We really enjoyed your joining us, and you added so much to the day. We had wanted to have an enjoyable, relaxed, and interesting day, and you helped so much!  I heard so many good comments about your session and saw many of the creations from the workshops.  It is so interesting to look at what each staff member made and see how very different each one is. It is just delightful. We look forward to seeing you again.

Joan Sherif

Northwestern Regional Library

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